TSAD´s system for the management of care homes and home care services are considered as the most advanced ones from both the technological  and the functional points of view, bringing about absolutely innovative solutions for the health care sector.

The software works under the form  SaaS (Software as a Service). Under this scheme , the client hires a  software product with all the requirements needed for its use. TSAD provides him with personal login access to the software and the  client, through Internet, has access to the application, matching equivalent standards to those applied in  electronic banking.

The client does not need to worry about IT infrastructure, which server to use, back-up copies etc... The only need is to have a computer, or as many as he/she wishes, with some minimum requirements and an Internet connection. In return, the client pays a monthly fee.

Functionally speaking, our product is the only one in the market that designs and supervises the Individual Care Plan that is being applied to each resident, in a way that it enables control of the degree of compliance and suitability of such program, allowing the adoption of corrective measures if attained results do not stand up to the expected or planned objectives.

Besides this, it manages every other aspect in all other fields, administrative, medical, assistencial, psychological etc, connected with either the user himself or the care home.

Our solutions rest upon three backbones:

Improvement of the user´s quality of life

  • Quality Management. Our systems are devised so as to be able to manage the certification of Quality ISO 9001, incorporating, among others, the automatic calculation of the quality indicators described in that regulation.
  • Knowledge Management. It enables to collect and manage the entire knowledge of the organization: intervention methodology, processes and procedures , auxiliary staff tasks, maintenance, etc. The system incorporates its own contents, which may be adapted by/to the organization, as well as the possibility of including newly defined contents.
  • Assistencial Management. It is structured in three working layers:
    • Therapeutic. in which the individual Therapeutical Care Plan is devised for each user, with tools to do the follow-up and evaluation of results from it.
    • Care. in which we may gather the user´s Assistencial Care Plan, on a daily basis, with its execution control.
    • Nursing, in which the Nursing Care Plan is managed, with its daily planning and  execution control.

Improvement of the centre´s productivity and efficiency

  • Headquarter´s control panel. Management control of all areas of the centre/s, from a single interface, with operative statistical information, quality control indicators and management alarms.
  • Automatic calculation of human resources rota with generation of staff spreadsheets squaring up shifts and ensuring the established staff needs for each day of the year are met  The system adds an intelligent  tool for the exchange of days among centre staff; It also provides a tool to cover the unattendance of an employee, making a proposal  of those employees able to cover it, without affecting the services coverage.
  • Planning and control of staff tasks. It enables   planning the tasks to be carried out by auxiliary staff delivering direct care (carers, nurses, etc.) as well as maintenance personnel (cleaning, technical maintenance, etc.)
  • Starting out from the global task workload to be carried out during a given time period, the system calculates and indicates the number of resources needed, by personnel categories, to accomplish those tasks and plans, for the considered period, the tasks to be carried out by each employee.

Services Integration

In home-care services is frequently common, that different operators (teleassistance, homecare  services, therapeutical services, telemedicine) are delivering various services to the same user (client) or for a single contractor (public Administration, private company, etc.)

Each of these services is operated separately in their various management platforms without sharing any information.

Soft4Care solutions allow integration of all these services in a single management platform, making it  possible, this way, to take advantage of the synergies  among various services, generating, thereafter, cost cuts and improvement in the quality and efficiency of delivered services.

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