Tecnologías, Servicios y Apoyos a la Dependencia

Management Software for the entire sector of dependence (Care Homes for the Elderly and Disabled, Home Care, Minors with behavioural disorders, Drug-addiction, etc.) based on person centered planning and endowed with tools that focus on fostering the service users´s improvement in their quality of life, as well as,  optimizing the productivity and quality of the services delivered by the  centres.

Quality of Life

  • Therapeutical Management
  • Assistencial Management
  • Medical and Nursing Management
  • Psychological Management
  • Social Management


  • Business Intelligence Panel
  • Human Resources
  • Automatic HR Rota Calculation
  • Production Control and Planning

Total Quality

  • Certifications ISO 9001 and UNE 158.101
  • Knowledge Management
  • Quality Indicators
  • Alarm Management
  • Non-compliance Management


Gesterapia BI:

Business Intelligence, Operational Intelligence. Monitoring and continuous monitoring of critical process variable and center services.

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New functionality Shift schedules:

Automatic calculation of shift work schedules generation of Staffing shifts and ensuring the needs identified for each day of the year.

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New Feature Quality Management:

Manage all aspects of quality of services provided by the Center.

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New Tools for Planning and Control of tasks and activities:

You can know in real time, what activities are done in the center any day of the year and residents who participate in them and know that ancillary tasks to do with each resident, each day of the year and who and how you run each of these tasks.

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